So Much To Do....Not Enough Time!

Professional. Reduced overhead. Years of experience. Increase your sales. Affordable! Attention to detail! Determined!

Professional Administrative Services

Customer Service. Calendar Management. Editing & Proofing. Research. Conference management. Much More….

Social Media Marketing

Content Management. Email Campaigns. SEO Optimization. Blog Creation. More….

Bookkeeping Services

Full Service Bookkeeping. Financial Reports. AP/AR. Payroll Services. Billing & Collections. More….

Technical Services

Data Entry. Website Design & Maintenance. Medical Billing & Coding. Leadpage Creation. More….

What We Bring To The Table

Peace of mind. Experienced professionals that help you to keep your business operating efficiently to make your business a success so you can concentrate on what you want  not what you have to!

Sometimes the success or failure of your business comes down to needing extra help. However, with the economy your business may not be able to afford that extra person on the payroll. Look no further, Make It Virtual Assistant is the perfect fit for you! We have a plan that fits your business’s needs and budget.

Make It Virtual Assistant is a professional company that will work with you to complete your administrative, social and website duties virtually, as well as keep your business operating efficiently to make your business it success! With Make It Virtual Assistant’s help, you will be able to concentrate on the bigger picture.

As a business owner you already have enough on your plate when dealing with payroll, acquiring new customers, and advertisement. You don’t have time to do all the little things that help your business grow, like: creating and maintaining a social media presence, emailing existing or existing clients, researching new ideas for time saving and cost cutting techniques or equipment. Besides, who has time to talk on the phone or sit at a computer to make travel arrangements?

Running a business can be very overwhelming at times. It is at these precise times that you get stuck and may need a helping hand! One way to resolve this issue is to hire more staff members on site, but you don’t have the time, funds or enough work to have a full time person. Maybe you only have a project that has a few hours per month or a short-term assignment, to go through the hiring process to have someone work a few hours a week is too much. MIVA gives you that time to concentrate on the “bigger picture.”


Administration Services

Don’t get bogged down with the day-to-day, tedious, administrative duties. MIVA can help.

Bookkeeping Services

MIVA has a full service book-keeping service that ranges from bank reconciliation to payroll services.

Rates and Plans

We work with YOU! We have several plans that will fit your budget.

Technical Services

MIVA prides our self on our technical team! Our top techs are experienced with website design and maintenance, shopping carts, and newsletter template creation.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media has quickly become the fastest growing forms of Marketing. The experts at MIVA know how to get you in front of more people.

What we DO

We bring to your company over 20 years of experience to help you take your business to the next level!

The reason you became a business owner was to do what you love. Your business and dream is to give great service to your clients and customers. You want to use your talent to make goods, but it all comes down to your budget, time, and office space.

Make It Virtual Assistant is the answer. When you hire a Virtual Assistant, you getting multiple professionals to complete your administrative, social media, and website needs that keep your business running smoothly. NOW you will be able to concentrate on being the business owner and make the magic happen!

Let Make It Virtual Assistant take care of all the administrative, social media, and website duties! Our seasoned Virtual Assistants receive superb training after already having years of experience  to make your business run more efficiently. Let our Virtual Assistants take the tasks that hold you back from doing what you do best and help you propel your business to the next level!

For That Extra Helping Hand!

Work Smarter! Live Bigger! Play Harder! Make It Virtual Assistant Helps You Do That!

“Diana doesn’t need hand holding. She will get things done for you. I have to be careful sometimes not to mention something I’m thinking about or she will go out and get it done for me. Incredible enthusiasm, smarts and get-it-done-itis! I really love her. Harness that enthusiasm, aim her at specific tasks and she’s ABSOLUTE GOLD!”

Suzi Elton

Marketing Coach, Marketing Writer Certified Robert Middleton Action Plan Marketing Coach, WOW Factor Writing

“Patty has been my bookkeeper for two years now. I can always count on her work to be accurate, on time and dependable. I would highly recommend her bookkeeping services to any business owner.”

Michael J Harris

Owner, Auto Wholesaler